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The Challenge: Where intimacy exists as an afterthought to sexuality, the evolution of love, sensuality, and humanity can never be fully explored.

Our Solution: 
Alchemy was founded with the goal of delivering a transformative intimate experience. We know that the best sex can be spontaneous and disorganized, but we also believe that even in those moments, when given the opportunity, intimacy can become a euphoric connection between partners or with one's self. 

Our approach is simple. We bring together the best ingredients and materials to produce products that we take pride in, for customers like you. We consider how things look, how things feel, how they sound, how they smell, and how they taste. We over-engineer our products because we want to heighten the sensations of intimacy. 

All of this so when you open a bottle of our award winning lubricants or turn on a vibe, you strictly focus on the magic of each element combining with one another and with your body.

Like a recipe, or a potion, or well… Alchemy.